How-To Creatively Move Past Fears – Tip No. 1

I’ve always been an introvert & with that comes a case of the nerves. Let’s face it, I overthink everything. That was a challenge when I discovered my passion for singing. Following some bad, but well-intended advice I tried to simply become outgoing. I thought I had to in order to be successful, but it wasn’t until I realized that different things work for different people. So I embraced my fears. That was when I made the most progress.

I created my own motto to approach the music industry from a totally unique angle. What is that motto?

Creatively Moving Past Fears – Doing what is manageable for you at the time in creative ways.

As a highly creative individual, it actually made moving past fears… fun. I know what you’re thinking, How could that ever be fun? Well, it’s simple. Take one step, no matter how small, but with the added twist of creativity. The idea of proving to other people that I could do the same thing that they were in a new way was exciting to me. It also released the pressure of trying to do things their way.

Every month, I will share a new way to creatively move past fears. If you’re like me, I hope that you can take something away from this to help you do the same.

Creatively Move Past Fears

Idea No. 1

Afraid of doing interviews for magazines or radio? Try leveraging yourself towards online interviews for vlogs or podcasts instead. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home, reach lots of people, & take a small step towards doing an in person interview all at the same time.


This month my 2nd magazine interview came out in AirdrieLife, I was nervous but I creatively moved past my fears & I’m happy I did. I’m so excited about how it turned out.

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