Interviews for Introverts: My Must-Dos & Must-Haves

Back in December I was asked to do an interview for a magazine. My first reaction?

“Hold on, let me overthink about it.” – unknown

Still, I knew deep down that the other half of my mind didn’t want to pass up this amazing opportunity. So I quickly replied to the e-mail with a yes, & hit send before I could change my mind. That was my 10 seconds of bravery for the day & it paid off. Thanks to my experience dealing with my nerves during my music degree, & how comfortable Wyatt (interviewer) made me feel, the experience was amazing!

The day of the interview I hate to admit that I was so nervous that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I’ve accepted that as an introvert that’s just who I am. So instead of trying to change that, I work with it.

Over the years, I developed my own motto to creatively move past fears, meaning to do what is manageable for you at the time in creative ways. So that is what I did that day, & below I’ll share with you my must-haves & must-dos that help me skip the feeling of awkward small talk. I hope this helps you to take chances & rock it!

After my interview, I made a social media plan. I wanted to share this awesome experience with my followers in a way that would engage them. So I brain-stormed creative ways to share my interview & what stories I would tell.

As an introvert, even posting online can be nerve-wracking. That is why I created My Voice Box, a monthly virtual subscription box that helps you share your voice online. If you’re like me, then I hope that this finds you & that you can take something away from it. Let’s show em what we’re made of!

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